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Odyssey of the Mind 2018

April 11, 2018 - The Hoosic Valley teams did a wonderful job at the New York state competition at Binghamton University.  There were 236 teams that advanced to the NY State finals.  Although our teams will not be moving on to the World competition they still did an amazing job placing in the top 10 for the entire state.  They should be commended for their hard work and dedication to this program.


March 11, 2018 - Odyssey of the Mind is an international educational program that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for students of all ages. The program challenges teams to solve open-ended problems that range from building mechanical devices to presenting clever and unusual interpretations of literary classics. Teams test their creative solutions at competitions held at the local, state, and world levels.   Click here to learn more about this year's OOTM Problems.

Hoosic Valley competed in the Region 4 tournament for teams in Rensselaer, Columbia, and Greene counties where 94 teams competed.  This year, Hoosic Valley entered 9 teams with 62 students participating!  Everyone did an amazing job.  There were 4 brand new teams this year who put on excellent performances.    

At the awards ceremony, the Hoosic Valley teams won the following awards:

  • Division 3 High School Team Problem 2 - FIRST PLACE (will advance to NY State Competition on April 7 at Binghamton University)
  • Division 3 High School Team Problem 1 - SECOND PLACE (will advance to NY State Competition)
  • Division 2 Middle School Team Problem 2 - SECOND PLACE (will advance to NY State Competition)
  • Division 3 High School Team Problem 5 - THIRD PLACE
  • Division 2 Middle School Team Problem 3 - THIRD PLACE
  • Coach Tina Turrigulo was honored with one of only two Omer Awards at the ceremony.  She was nominated for her 10 years of amazing coaching!

Some of the teams will prepare to move onto the State competition, where a first or second place win advances that team to the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals in Iowa. This is a huge accomplishment at a large event.  We should be very proud of the Hoosic Valley students who participated in Odyssey of the Mind this year. We'd like to thank all of our volunteer coaches, thank you for your time and dedication to this enrichment activity. Good luck to those teams moving on.

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Meet Our Teams:

Primary: Laura Rice, Sophia Akin, Rileigh Davis, Makenna Luskin, Nora Luskin, Haley Valcik, Indigo Yienger.  Coaches: Margaret and Amanda Akin.

Primary: Mackenna Pashley, Chloe Waryas, Daniel Waryas, Lilith Bonsor, Cassandra Trombley, Emil Schmidt, Jackson Manders. Coaches: Christa Waryas and Michaeline Pashley

Division 1 - Problem 5: Isabella Schmidt, Leslie Mayer, Owen Simpson, Helen LeStage, Anna Grace Macica, Sophia Northup, Charlotte Northup. Coaches: Kyle Schmidt & Kim Macica

Division 2 - Problem 2: Grace Thurber, Josie Schmidt, Olivia Cappellano, Kate Marbot, Katrine LeStage, Sophia Svec, Kierra Rasmussen. Coach: Karin Gagnon

Division 2 - Problem 3: Megan Rice, Kathrine Rose, Makenna McLaren, Leigha Henkle, Riley Caiazza, Evelyn Bunk, Lillian Czub. Coaches: Margaret Rice & Jeanine Rose

Division 2 - Problem 5: Kaitlyn Turriglio, Jillian Johnson, Brett Pruso, Jaquelyn Carlo, Jenna Peterson, Sydney Valcik. Coach: Tina's Turriglio

Division 3 - Problem 1: Emily Turriglio, Emma Carlo, Emily Durkee, Ben Thompson, Greg Thompson, Sarah Corey, Sam Salvati. Coach: Tina's Turriglio

Division 3 - Problem 2: Katherine Rice, Thomas Rice, Savannah Champagne, Emily O’Brien, Julia Carlo, Madison Jones, Mitchell Jones.  Coaches: Margaret Rice & Renna Jones

Division 3 - Problem 5: Maria Rice, Zoe Neary, Alexandra Rifenburg, Renee Serafin, Jessica Espey, Eloise Carlson-McNally, Marlee Peterson. Coaches: Margaret Rice and Nicole Neary