Hoosic Valley Central School District
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October 11, 2017 - This summer Renee Parry, one of our talented senior artist, attended RPI’s summer architectural career discovery program (SOAP). Out of hundreds of applicants only 36 were accepted to attend the two week program. Students started the program by developing an aggregate model with simple AB or ABC connections. The model was then turned into a pavilion which would be placed digitally on site in front of the Green Building on the RPI campus. The project allowed students to submerge themselves in a physical studio project where they made progression drawings along with physical models that followed those drawings and then take it a step farther by translating the drawings and models into a digital 3D model. During this program students experienced valuable studio time, computer lab time, and lectures that were equivalent to a first-year student. It was a great pre-college experience allowing Renee to make connections with architectural professors at RPI along with The Pratt Institute and meet interesting aspiring architects from around the world.