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Smile Train Fundraiser

February 6, 2018 - The Smile Train spaghetti dinner was a success!  The National Honor Society sold 160 dinners!  All of the proceeds will be donated the Smile Train, an international children's charity dedicated to repairing cleft lip and palates. Click here for more photos from the spaghetti dinner.

Members of the National Honor Society would like to extend their thanks to the following individuals:  

  • Mr. David Dickinson-donationfrom Freihofers of bread and cookies
  • Shop N'Save-donation of salad dressing, pasta, parmesan cheese, bags and water
  • Mr. Eric O'Brien-for his assistance in the kitchen and all his knowledge from past dinners
  • The Community Partners -sound system
  • Mr. Michael Corlew-placing their order and answering phone calls
  • Mr. Gary Viall-pasta
  • The Cafeteria Staff-their knowledge and tasty salads
  • Mrs. Carolyn Stannard-Carlo Carlo cookies
  • The following parents who donated their time to support the NHS fundraiser-Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Schaeffer, Mr. and Mrs. Stannard-Carlo, Mrs. Corey, Mrs. Kennelly, Mrs. Parry, Mr. and Mrs. Eric O'Brien

Last of all we truly appreciate the community support and could have not made it happen without you! 


The National Honor Society