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Indoor Track Season Wrapup

March 21, 2018 - 2017-18 season was the best of times and the worst of times. Things started well in November and December with strong early efforts by most team members in most events. An early peak was reached at the Springfield Invitational which almost justified the 4 hour round trip and lack of food. The rest of January was a struggle with weather, illness, lack of meets and conflicting interest impacting performances. The difficulty with scheduling meets at college facilities is that they determine the schedule not individual schools or the league. This results in long periods between meets late in the season when running in the hallways and throwing in the gym becomes old very quickly. Added in were the difficulty of getting consistent practices in during a snow day filled month and working around exam week. The team seemed to get its second wind after the league meet and performed well at Sectionals though hurt by vacation week conflicts.

The team will miss the many seniors who will be leaving school this June. They have been the backbone of the team over their career and played greatly in the success of the past few years. Looking down the road I worry about the future. With only two 10th graders, four 9th graders and one 8th grader on the team this year the squad will be hard pressed to match recent success. The combination of dropping enrollment, low participation rates and increasing competition from off-season sports may put indoor on the endangered species list. Not having any coaches in the building during the day hurts recruiting possibilities so we need our current runners to step up. We hope to see more teachers as coaches to help promote all our sports programs. Younger leadership with new ideas and enthusiasm will be a great asset as well.

Most Improved: Colin Ratelle and Sarah Sheldon

Sportsmanship: Braden Allen and Renee Parry

Team Record:

  • Boys team 4th in Wasaren League 5th in Division IV Sectionals
  • Girls team 4th in Wasaren League 5th in Division IV Sectionals

Individual Results

Qualifier for State Meet: Trever Rose Shot Put 11th in State

Sectional Champions: Abe Sanchez - High Jump. Kate Rose - 1500 Walk

League Champions: Lauren Reed - Long Jump

Sectional Silver Medalist: Trever Rose - Shot Put

Sectional Bronze Medalist: Lauren Reed - Long Jump, Dylan Clarkson -High Jump, Ben Corey -1600m, Matt Rose - 3200m, Carrie Burnell - 1000m, Alec Ratelle - Shot Put, Victoria Jarosz - Shot Put,

League All Stars: Lauren Reed and Trever Rose

New School Indoor Records:

  • Trever Rose Shot Put,
  • Carrie Burnell 1500m
  • Kate Rose 1500 walk
  • Chris Hallam 200m hurdles
  • Julia Carlo 200m hurdles