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21st Annual D.A.R.E. Graduation

January 30, 2018 - Congratulations to our 5th Graders on their completion of the DARE program. Six students received movie passes and certificates for their essays: Abby Fusco, Nathan Gorman, James Johnson, Chris Tracy, Olivia LaRoe and Margaret Campbell. Each of the fifth grade classes had a DARE Student of the Year: Paige Gela, Marie Ackerly and Riley Kinnicutt. The overall Student of the Session was Emma Foster. The students of the year and session received certificates, medals and a season pass to the Great Escape.

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More Info on the D.A.R.E. Program: D.A.R.E. stands for Drug Resistance Education. It is a drug abuse prevention education program designed to equip elementary and junior high school children with knowledge about drug abuse, the consequences of abuse, and skills for resisting peer pressure to experiment with drugs, alcohol and tobacco. One of the unique features of project D.A.R.E. is the use of uniformed police officers as instructors. There is a need for an effective education program to inoculate students against the threat of drugs is critical to the well being of our children and their future. Such a program is a long-term commitment for the Renssealer County Sheriff’s Office.

Tips For Parents

  • Establish family rules that make it clear that drug use will not be tolerated. 
  • Educate yourself about drugs, so you talk informatively with your children and answer their questions 
  • Spend time with your children and listen to their concerns and showing how much you love and care about them. 
  • Recognize that you are the most important role model. 
  • Because peer pressure is a major factor in teen drug use, know your children’s friends 
  • Talk with other parents. Try to establish uniform rules that make access to drugs harder, such as curfew and the amount of spending money they receive. If a problem exists, get help! Don’t say “ Not my child!” 
  • Teach them about the many positive alternatives to drug use. 

The Rensselaer County Sheriff’s Office is committed to improving the quality of life for our citizens, and strives to enhance the spirit of cooperation and trust between the community and it’s police department.

D.A.R.E. infomation provided by the Rensselaer County D.A.R.E. website