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November Character Counts

November 6, 2017 - On Friday, our students in grades PK - fourth celebrated their first character counts assembly of the school year. Character Education is important at Hoosic Valley. We wish to create a school environment that allows all students to feel safe, confident and eager to learn. We hope to accomplish these goals by providing services and opportunities that promote positive characteristics throughout the school year.

We have established a set of school-wide expectations”, which is a key step in building a positive school climate.   The expectations are:

  • Act Responsibly
  • Be Ready to Learn
  • Create Respect
  • Display Self-Control

Our monthly virtues include:  Ready to Learn, Self-Control, Citizenship, Empathy, Integrity, Friendship, Responsibility, Tolerance, Civility, and Courage. Respect is our eleventh character trait and it's so important we promote the virtue of respect all year long. Click here to learn more about our Character Education Program.

At November's Character Counts assembly we recognized students that showed great responsibility in the classroom.

Abigail Hamilton

For taking care of her belongings and being a responsible friend

Peyton Maxon

For always being ready to learn, and following our daily routine

Judd Mayer

Judd shows responsibility by following the morning routines without needing any reminders.  He is also a hard worker during stations time.

Nora Luskin

Nora gets the responsibility award for always doing what is asked of her, unpacking and packing up independently without reminders AND for always listening and following directions!

Audrey Svec

shows responsibility each day at school. She always follows the classroom and school rules .She is a role model for other students.  I can always count on Audrey to do the right thing!

Kali Hernandez

Kali makes sure she is always doing what is expected of her in the classroom.  She makes sure to stay on task and will give peers reminders when they sometimes forget what is expected of them.  Kali shows how to be responsible every day.

Liam Maxon

shows responsibility by taking ownership of his work, always raising his hand and ready to learn, and always following school rules.

Lily Barton

You can always count on Lily to do her best in all tasks and situations.  She thinks for herself and makes good decisions with the things she does and says.

Liam Tobin

Liam can be counted on in our classroom to follow classroom rules and routines without reminders.  He is an exceptional role model!

Reid Riccardone

Reid is a very responsible student. He comes into class always prepared with his agenda, homework and daily snack. He cleans up his materials promptly and is always ready to listen to the lesson and complete his work. He is a great role model.

Travis Bleakley

Great job Travis!

Scout Zaremski

Scout always does her best, letting adults know where she is going, asking questions when she is unsure of something, and working hard to follow directions.  She is always responsible for completing work that she has been given.

Elizabeth Powers

Elizabeth shows responsibility every morning when she comes in the room quietly and gets all her morning jobs done without a teacher having to remind her.

Blake Simmons

Blake has shown that he is a very responsible student by consistently making good choices and following through with tasks in the classroom without needing reminders from teachers or staff.

Evan Godsill

Evan works hard to follow all class and school rules without needing reminders, faithfully completes her homework, and is a great model for other students for how to be a responsible student!

Hannah Reidy

Hannah is always prepared for school.  She completes her homework, and classwork and is always ready to learn

Marina Cappellano

Marina is a very responsible student.  She comes to school prepared to learn each day and always has her materials ready.  She pays attention and is willing to answer questions in our discussions.  Marina follows directions and helps others when needed.

Cordelia Lauber

is receiving the responsibility award for her tireless effort to do her best in reading to get deeper understanding.  She works above and beyond, taking time at home as well as school to be sure she has strong ideas to share with her reading group.

Hannah Coffin

As our classroom officer, student council representative and fellow classmate, Hannah can always be trusted to do what is right and what is expected, and she does so with class and grace, every day.

Logan Beaudoin

Logan is always ready for the day!  Logan is always responsible for his homework and getting his work done in class.

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