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Behind the Scenes - Addams Family Musical Choreographers

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Photos by Olivia Smith

January 29, 2018 - Some were born to sing and act while others were born to teach dance. This week’s ‘Behind the Scenes’ takes a peek at our student dance choreographers, yes that’s right…the musical is choreographed by our students! Four to be exact; Rebecca Viall, Julia Carlo, Melanie Natter and Eloise Carlson-McNally and they’ve been doing it for a number of years.

Lifelong dancers themselves; Rebecca Viall has been taking ballet and tap since the ripe old age of 3, Julia Carlo, gymnastics and ballet since the age of five; Melanie Natter ballet, tap, hip hop, jazz, contemporary since the age of eight and Eloise Carlson-McNally began lessons at the age of three taking jazz, tap, hip hop and gymnastics until 6th grade. All natural talent!

When asked what is the biggest challenge in teaching choreography to their peers? They were all quick to say they loved to teach others their hobby but that it can be trying when someone isn’t paying attention and the steps must be re-taught.

Our aspiring choreographers have been working for months putting together fancy footwork with flowing arm movements that even if words weren’t spoken could tell the story of the Addams Family.

It’s what Hoosic Valley does best, encourages students with all different talents to shine. Mark your calendar and come see some incredible choreography by four high school students who just happen to love to dance. The Addams Family hits the Hoosic Valley Stage, March 2, 3 and 4th!

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