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Character Counts

Character Counts at Hoosic Valley

Click here for a list of our events for 2016-2017

February Character Counts

February 17, 2017 - At the February Character Counts assembly, our Elementary School celebrated all the wonderful friendships that are made in school. Our students did a great job giving examples what makes a good friend. Click here for the list of awards. Click here for more photos

December Character Counts

Virtue of the Month Award Winners

December 13, 2016 - Friday morning the Elementary School held their first Character Counts assembly of the school year. Showing good character is very important, that’s why we say   “Character Counts!”  People who show good character are kind to others, they help those who need it, and they behave well at school, at home, and in their community.    People who show good character follow our Hoosic Valley expectations, and our Virtues of the Month.

At the December Character Counts students sang the Feeling's Song and listen to the story, "The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade". They were also reminded that this is Think Before You Speak week.  It’s important to choose kind words and STOP ourselves from saying words that might hurt other people. This is important every day, not just this week.  Words are very powerful.  We need to choose words that will make other people feel good.

The Virtue of the Month for December is Empathy.  Empathy is understanding what someone else is feeling (Sesame Street explains it best). Compassion is empathy in action!   First you need to have empathy and then you need to act! When you show empathy and compassion you will be a better friend, family member, and classmate. Click here for a list of empathy virtue award winners.  

We want to thank a group of our students who have donated to the compassionate giving project! Girl Scout Troop 1204, led by Dehlia Northrup and Michelle Sweet, used the proceeds from their cookie sales to buy donations for compassionate giving (as well as Toys for Tots).  The girls also helped their leaders shop for the donations. The girls in Girl Scout Troop 1204 are Mackenzie Seritella,  Sophie and Charlotte Northrup, Jennifer Tracey, Sophie Colton, Abbigale Salisbury, Sara Helen, Felicia Mysliwiec and Zoey Leonard. Thank you Dehlia and Michelle and the girls of Troop 1204 for your compassion!