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Our Vision

It is the mission of Hoosic Valley Central School District to promote excellence in education through a positive, student focused, community-oriented environment in which all share the responsibility for student learning.  Our belief is that the needs of our students and the development of a strong educational background are both of high priority, and that learning is essential and lifelong. 

To accomplish our mission and bring our vision to reality we must successfully:

  • articulate what we need to teach, and what students need to understand in each classroom
  • show our students that what is being taught is relevant
  • research and model best practices, current strategies, and pedagogy
  • demonstrate to our students how much we believe in their ability to reach higher levels of academic achievement
  • provide our teachers and staff members with opportunities for professional development and growth

We understand that each student is an individual with a unique set of abilities, beliefs, and experiences.  Because of this some students need more time to demonstrate understanding than others, some students require a different approach to learning, and some students need additional encouragement to persevere. 

Our goal is to provide a balanced instructional program that provides interventions to the students experiencing difficulties, and enrichment to the students that require higher challenges to enhance engagement in the learning process.  Currently we are working collaboratively to better identify the unique talents each student brings to our school community and to embrace the diversity that each has to offer.

In order to evaluate the progression of our students we are developing common assessments and analyzing student data using consistent criteria.  We outline methods to identify students who are not achieving at their highest levels as well as students that require acceleration.  Through this process we will strengthen our instructional program in an effort to meet the individual needs of all students.

Educating our students is a shared responsibility.  As we embrace this mission together, we need the continued support of our school community.  We are excited about the future of Hoosic Valley schools and encourage you to be involved.  Together we will ensure that every student in our school will grow to be lifelong learners that are productive and responsible members of our global community.


Common Core

The NYS Common Core Learning Standards define the knowledge and skills students should have throughout their academic career here at Hoosic Valley. Use the links below to learn more about these standards and the impact on our classrooms.



Study Skills

The Hoosic Valley Central School District understands that learning occurs in various modalities.  Much of a student’s academic success is based on how effectively he or she  embraces the art of study skill strategies.  For more information about learning strategies and study skills visit the links below.


Response to Intervention/Academic Intervention & Support Services (AIS)

Hoosic Valley Central School District provides academic support services to its students in a variety of ways.  Services are provided based upon individual student need.  Academic Intervention Services (AIS) will be provided within the Response to Intervention (RtI) Framework. Response to Intervention is a process where children at risk of not meeting state standards are offered individualized, small group or co-taught academic intervention. Student progress is monitored to see if response to this intervention yields adequate academic growth.  Services are provided using a three tier system, each one defined by the level of support and the intensity of that support.

  • Tier I- Interventions provided in the classroom by the classroom teacher
  • Tier II -Services delivered by teacher, tutor, academic support instructor, co-teaching model or OT, and/or PT.  Support may include Academic Intervention Services (AIS)
  • Tier III- Further service needed as a result of additional analysis of results of progress monitoring by  IST/RtI team.

Click here for the current RtI-AIS Plan

For more information on the Response to Intervention mandate please visit the link below.



School Report Cards

Annually the State Education Department releases school districts’ School Report Cards.  Hoosic Valley Central School District is a district in good standing.  As a professional learning community we analyze how we are doing and identify areas we want to improve upon.  To view our school report card please click on the link below.

New York State Report Cards